Property Sales Aid

Vendors Advocate

Selling your property is a nervous time and like most Vendors it is fair to say that your goal is to “MAXIMISE YOUR SALE PRICE”!

Many individuals are now turning to Vendors Advocates to assist them throughout this process who will save you time, better your result and reduce stress knowing that they have a representative on their side who can recommend the right selling agent to represent their home.

Property Platform would be delighted to act as your Vendors Advocate and this service is provided to you at NO COST.

During this process Property Platform will be there with you every step of the way and assist you to achieve the highest possible price, provide professional unbiased recommendations and further supply you with a range of likeminded trusted professionals who can provide further services during the transactions such as renovation and rejuvenation teams, lawyers and conveyancers etc.

Property Platforms, Property Sales Aid service includes the following:

  • Recommend improvements to best represent your home,
  • Recommend trades as required,
  • Ensure that all contractual documents are ordered and drawn,
  • Research and shortlist the best real estate agents in the market place,
  • Recommend the most appropriate real estate agent to sell your property,
  • Ensure that all sales authorities are drawn and executed in accordance with your requirements,
  • Implement a strategy moving forward,
  • Oversee the marketing expenses to ensure that you are not overpaying for these services and make recommendations,
  • Oversee and keep you informed of all feedback in regard to home opens and inquiries,
  • Represent you during all negotiations with the selling agent,
  • Assist you to secure a buyer in accordance with you requirements,
  • If auction – assist in setting an auction reserve and oversee the auction campaign on your behalf, and
  • Keep you well informed throughout the entire process.

Please contact Property Platform today to ensure your next real estate transaction is a profitable one.