Property Management

Maintaining your asset.

Finding a strong investor focused Property Manager can be quite a task, given the large number of Property Managers competing for your business in the market place. Many of these Property Managers talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk.

We agree that an ideal Property Manager requires specific credentials and ability to maintain your asset, stabilise your income, effectively communicate and pro actively attend to any foreseeable problems or issues that could arise.

Our team have spent years in the market place carefully researching, selecting and negotiating with a handful of investor focused property managers to correctly maintain your asset. As a Property Platform client you will have exclusive access to these property manages which further form a part of your investment team and most importantly you will have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands.

Speak to us about our exclusive “Property Management – Investors Package” which has been developed to provide our clients with a further asset management choice, unlike traditional methods.