Your Property Brief

The Castle                                

The team at Property Platform aren’t just passionate about property we are passionate about people. The most satisfying part of our job is watching you smile when we have found and secured your home.

It is important that we understand exactly what you do and don’t want in a property and throughout the initial stages we spend time to understand your vision and formulate a strategy to ensure that you are in the strongest position possible when you enter the market place.

Once we launch into the market place we will ensure to keep you full informed of all the discoveries throughout your exciting home buying adventure.

You buyers agent will take care to ensure that all the required due diligence is co-ordinated correctly on the property and will attend to the following:

  • Arrange for all contractual documents to be perused by a legal representative,
  • Ensure that all contractual documentation is drawn in your best interests,
  • Arrange and attend all necessary appointments with the required services,
  • Negotiate the property in accordance with your budget, and
  • Secure your home.

Whether it’s the perfect garden, views over the bay, or a pool room to fill with memories, Property Platform understands how important it is for you to find your very own Castle.