Off Market Opportunities

Behind Closed Doors

Have you ever wondered how other people get access to properties that aren’t listed for sale on the internet or in the newspapers? Have you heard people talk about off market properties, private listings and secret sales?

Property Platform has spent well over a decade in the market place, regularly opening the doors for homebuyers, sourcing and buying off market properties. Throughout our extensive history we have built strong working relationships which continue to give Property Platform a variety of different avenues to access exclusive privately listed properties.  In almost all cases these properties are secured at fair and reasonable prices given they are purchased without competition of the general public, who often inflate purchase prices.

Utilising Property Platforms Homebuyer service will allow you to throw the property net much wider to capture on and off market properties. Once our professional team have located the special place you want to call home, your highly trained Buyers Agent will negotiate hard to keep your dreams in line with your budget.