Buying A Home

How We Can Help?

Weekend after weekend lost searching for property, one open for inspection after another, countless hours scouring the interest trying to find a home, sound familiar?

You deserve to enjoy the experience of finding and securing your home and Property Platform have introduced a boutique homebuyers service to transform your journey to be more like an exciting adventure and not an unpleasant task. This smartly tailored service will:

  • Save you time;

Your time is precious and between family, friends and work commitments finding a home can be quite a daunting task. Property Platform’s homebuyer’s team are in the market place every day and will give you back your time and make your home buying experience a pleasant one.

  • Save you money;  

95% of Australians engage the services of a professional negotiator to represent them when selling their home. This puts many home buyers at risk of paying too much. Employing the services of a highly trained buyers agent to negotiate the transaction could potentially save you thousands of hard earn dollars. With Property Platform’s negotiation strategies and years of experience on your side we can achieve a result in accordance with your budget.

  • Capture the home you want;

Every week we see home buyers make the classic mistake  of the ”frustrated purchase”. Deflated, these homebuyers often buy the next property they find to avoid the huge task of searching for another home. Often they end up with a sub-standard property or classic “buyer’s remorse”. With your buyer’s agent readily doing the research for you and giving you access to a wider range of property, you won’t need to settle for second best.

  • Experience;

Utilising the experience of a buyer’s agent who is in the market place everyday will give you many different avenues to find property, over and above the traditional real estate methods. Our highly trained team will co-ordinate all the necessary due diligence to ensure your interests are covered.


To find out more about how we can help please see your property brief, off market opportunities, strengthening your position.