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Our Story

One fine Melbourne afternoon Simone Taylor in her usual fashion slams on the brakes and pulls over in a small Prahran residential street;  for no other reason than spotting an open for inspection sign. Similar to a lady who couldn’t possibly walk past a shoe sale, Simone’s fetish was property.

During the open and given Simone’s extensive experience in the investigations field she starting asking questions about the property to a suited lady inside who she assumed was the Estate Agent. After a short conversation with Shannon Koetsveld she established that Shannon was not the Estate Agent but in fact was a Buyers Agent’s who assist investors to build wealth through astute residential property purchases.

Pleasantly surprised and amazed,  Simone waited out the front of the open home to  speak to Shannon further as Simone had been sourcing and buying properties for friends, families and business associates for over a decade and was eager to know how to mould her years of experience into a career.

From that beautiful sunny Melbourne afternoon over 7 years ago a strong friendship blossomed and Shannon and Simone have worked everyday together ever since.

Shannon and Simone’s extensive industry knowledge  and commitment to their clients have seen many lives changed and families futures dramatically improved through smart residential property decisions.

Property Platform was developed after Shannon’s struggle with cancer in 2010 and fortunately for Shannon she was able to draw on a large sum of funds established in her own personal property portfolio, allowing her to obtain top medical care and win her fight with cancer. Shannon’s property portfolio saved her life.

Shannon and Simone have personally witnessed how astute property investing can enhance and improve lives and they both are committed to your success.