Platform 2 – Purchasing

The Bricks And Mortar Bank Account.

Actioning your plan is certainly where the fun starts and to accomplish your long term property investment goals it is imperative that the right investment property is sourced and secured. This investment, or as we like to call it, “bricks and mortar bank account” needs to complement and diversify your existing portfolio and moreover the property must meet the strict methodical criteria of a property that has historically outperformed the averages.

Our team of buyers agents are highly trained to locate outstanding on/off market opportunities, complete a high level of due diligence, negotiate the right price and secure the property on your instructions. Property Platform spends considerable time ensuring that the investment stacks up and we will provide you with extensive information to assist you to make a clear and informed decision.


Once your investment property is secured we will walk you up onto Platform Three and/or Four.