Platform 5 – Portfolio Analysis

With You Every Step Of The Way.

With you every step of the way is exactly what Platform Five is about! At Property Platform we don’t just buy property; we create futures by way of large residential property portfolios that won’t affect your day to day life or disposable income.

You property Strategist oversee your investment portfolio for its entire lifecycle and as a part of our ongoing service and commitment to you. We will provide you with quarterly updates on the progress of your properties and on an Annual basis, or request, we will conduct a full property analysis to assess the success of your current portfolio and moreover to assist you to explore your options moving forward.

The annual portfolio analysis will be conducted in conjunction with your established investment team and we will cover the following:

•Assessing any changes in your life and how these will affect or  improve your timeframes,

•Assess your goals to ensure we are on track,

•Assess you current financial and equity position,

•Review your current portfolio and explore options that can add further value to your portfolio, and

•Formalise an action plan moving forward.

Property Platform’s professional team and holistic approach will take you every step of the way to residential wealth.