Platform 1 – Planning

Start With The End In Mind.

The secret to any wealthy investor is planning and timing, “Start with the end in Mind”. The success of your residential property portfolio will only exist if we lay the foundation right from the beginning.

Throughout this phase we will speak to like minded professionals such as Accountants, Financial Planners and Finance Strategist who work with us as a part of the investment team and ensure we have thoroughly planned and prepared for the launch into the market.

To assist us to formulate an investment action plan we will initially cover the following:

  •  Understand your goals and timeframes (short term and long term)
  •  Understand your investment risk profile and ongoing requirements,
  •  Conduct a portfolio analysis on any existing investments you may have.

Once we have identified a plan we will then engage the expertise of our investment team to establish the following:

  • Structure – how will you be purchasing your portfolio? Our independent accounting and financial planning professionals can assist your to identify what strategy will best work for you and provide helpful information around buying in a Company, Individually or in a Trust. This will ensure that you manage your risk and maximise the benefits.
  • Buying with Superannuation – during your time with the investment team you can explore the option of buying a further investment property through a self managed super fund. This maybe a fantastic addition and benefit to your long term plan.
  • Lending – We have a team of smart finance strategist that will be able to assist you to structure your investment and equity loans to ensure that you have contingency funds and plans in place. These contingency funds will allow you to confidently build a multimillion dollar investment portfolio without affecting your day to day income.

Once the blue print is set in place we will be there to help you up onto Platform Two.